Layers of protection

Quokka Down Under Underwear has you protected all day, everyday.  Our scientifically trialed and tested layered technology has proven over a long period of time it will support you all day or night, and wash out conveniently every time.

Our underwear are made from eco-friendly, sustainable, anti-bacterial, easy-care Bamboo fabric.  The fabric system developed in the underwear is less bulky than others, while more breathable.

Each pair of Quokka underwear has several layers of fabric that have their own unique purposes as well as serve multiple purposes. 

The top layer is a smooth, soft, anti-stain, anti-odour, rapid-dry layer which wicks away moisture instantly. 

The middle and bottom layers are Ultra absorbent and will absorb all day or night while also being waterproof, so efficiently you'll feel free without any nasty surprises.